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Canadian Artist and designer, living and working in Montréal.

A Question of Re-entry – variations: part 1

A series of sketches and studies for a future body of (larger format) graphic works, dealing with space exploration and history (especially from the early period of the 60s and 70s). For now, the idea […]


Joonga – variations on a theme: part 4

And here is the last part of the Joonga modified drawing variations.  As usual, a host of 2d filter FX were used in order to take the scanned drawing version further into these aesthetic explorations. […]


Joonga – variations on a theme: part 3

Joonga – variations: part 3. One more time with this new sequence of graphic variations. Part 4 to follow. Stay tuned. 🎨 Pierre


Joonga – Variations on a theme: part 2

The fun continues with more drawing variations. Here again, are intriguing experiments using an array of amazing 2d filters and image modifiers for your viewing pleasure and curiosity. Enjoy une autre fois. Pierre.


Joonga – Variations on a theme: part 1

Continuing on the 2d filter drawing variations. Here are some, yet again, intriguing experiments using an array of amazing 2d filters and image modifiers for your viewing pleasure and curiosity. Enjoy. Pierre.


Joonga: graphic variations

More graphic experiments using 2d filters with the intention of finding the right ‘look” and ‘feel’. This time, using a rendered frame from a resurrected 3d scene I created back in the 2000s. The scene […]


Schizmatrix: Variations on a theme

Based on a chalk medium drawing, part of the Anthropo-Technikon graphics series, The drawing was re-worked using 2d filters and given new life and meaning. Enjoy. Pierre.


Soyuz-1 – variations

The inspiration behind the graphic variations stems from the fatal Soyuz-1 re-entry event back in the 1960s of the Soviet space-race era. As is usual with my visual experimentations, the original drawing is scanned and […]


500 Billion Sold – variations

More variations on theme as part of the Grishenko graphics series: 500 Billion Sold. The original drawing was scanned and then modified with 2d filters, thus creating new variations to consider for more involved future […]


Little Kid Nevada – Le P’ti Kid du Nevada

From the sketchbook. Variations on a theme of Little Kid Nevada. Based on an earlier incarnation of the same title, painted in the 1990s as part of the Anthropo-Technikon series. The character of Little Kid Nevada […]