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500 Billion Sold – variations

More variations on theme as part of the Grishenko graphics series: 500 Billion Sold. The original drawing was scanned and then modified with 2d filters, thus creating new variations to consider for more involved future […]


Little Kid Nevada – Le P’ti Kid du Nevada

From the sketchbook. Variations on a theme of Little Kid Nevada. Based on an earlier incarnation of the same title, painted in the 1990s as part of the Anthropo-Technikon series. The character of Little Kid Nevada […]


Funny Farm

Here are a few example variations on a theme, based on a sketch done back in the mid 1990s from the Grishenko conceptual drawings. Enjoy. Pierre.


Drawings from the Grishenko book project

Here are a few more drawings taken from the Grishenko concept pool, scanned and modified using an array of 2d filters. Enjoy. Pierre D.