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Grishenko novel – concept art variations

Here are more examples taken from a storyboard sketchbook, showing different grfx effects results using some FilterForge 2d tools. In all these examples, the traditional drawing was scanned then transformed with the help of multi-layered filter fx.  The process is just as involved in time and creative effort as the actual rendering of the original concept sketch. Once a desired look or effect is achieved, […]

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Grishenko grfx novel – “Try the Ice Chai!”

Here are a few sketch variations related to the Geo-engineering scene for the Grishenko graphics novel project. The sketches were originally drawn in pencil and ink, scanned, then re-worked using a variety of 2d FX, including a mix of FilterForge filters.  Enjoy, Pierre. “Try the Ice Chai!”

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Homage to Jack Kirby – variations

In the spirit of the 100th anniversary of the incredible Jack Kirby, I dedicate these graphic variations, based on Jack Kirby’s Eternals character, ‘Makkari’. Pierre D. Makkari – based on Jack Kirby’s Eternals.

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Experiments with FilterForge – part 5

Continuing with my crazy experiments of transforming scanned original images using a variety of Filterforge filters. This time around, it’s taking a drawing that I made based on a Leonardo painting, entitled ‘Cecilia Gallenari’. I added a bluetooth device to Mrs Gallenari’s ear and gave her a slight facelift. Enjoy! Pierre Cecilia Gallenari with Bluetooth device.  

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Experiments with FilterForge filters – part 4

The fascination and experiments with using FilterForge 2d filters continue with these variations on a theme, taken from an 90s multimedia drawing I produced titled ‘Meltdown’. Enjoy. Pierre. ‘Meltdown’

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Experiments with FilterForge effects – part 3

More of my fascination with experimenting with the creative line of FilterForge 2d filters. Enjoy 🙂 Pierre ‘500 Billion Sold’  

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Experiments with FilterForge – part 2

Here is another example of an existing image (3d render), modified using various 2d effects, but primarily with FilterForge 2d filters. Enjoy! Pierre D. Morgo Rahn Wilc

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New experiments using FilterForge effects

Here are a few recent examples of original artworks that I scan and enjoy re-working using a variety of digital fx, including the wonderful array of 2d filters from FilterForge. Enjoy! Pierre D. – June, 2017  

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