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500 Billion Sold – Variations: Part 1

Continuing with variations on a theme for the graphics series ‘500 Billion Sold’. Based on the ’employee of the month’ poster motif, the figure sports a symbolic ‘M’ logo on its front clothing (obvious corporate logo reference there…), with an umbilical cord like of protrusion stemming from the top of the figure’s heard and ending in an all-dressed cheeseburger shaped appendage. Various references and symbols […]

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The Apparation of Grishenko

Pierre Duranleau: ‘The Grishenko Apparition’, c1999 One of three allegorical panels from the Anthropo-Technikon series, this painting combines pseudo-religious and post-industrial age mythological themes. The title itself suggests religious connotations reminiscent of subjects taken from early Western art. For example, as portrayed in Rembrandt’s religious paintings such as ‘The Feast of Belshazzar’, where a ghost/sacred apparition (profane text projected on a wall) takes place in the depicted scene. The element of interest […]

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The Shroud of Morgo

The Shroud of Morgo.  References to the controversial ‘Shroud of Turin’ religious artefact are more than obvious. However, the true meaning behind the CG portrait is not entirely meant to be religious in any way. Instead, the word ‘shroud’ in this case, pertains more to the concept of wrapping/texture mapping in 3D computer animation: ‘shroud’=’wrap’.  The techniques involved in the making of this image would require […]

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