CleanUp Crew in Ultraviolet Lit Backrooms – Variations Part 1

Embarking on a new series of graphic works tentatively entitled ‘The Long Emergency’. This series will explore various themes and subjects relating to the fall of (post) industrial civilization, which has been set in motion decades prior to the current crisis humanity finds itself in at this present time. The works will explore motifs and subjects such as environmental disasters (nature vs man-made landscapes), energy production, domestic and wild animal and human genetic mutations, just to name a few, all packaged in a surrealist form of image-making, inspired by computer-aided technologies, nature and graphic styles of past painting masters. In  short, this series will be an eclectic mishmash of styles, media and ideas.

This particular piece is entitled ‘Clean-Up crew in Ultraviolet Lit Backrooms’ (study for a larger painting); the painting was scanned and then modified with the help of 2D filters. A strange group of chemical clean-up workers is busy taking samples and monitoring something (we can only speculate) in an interior laboratory/industrial setting (lit by ultraviolet lighting).  What happened in this space; a dangerous accidental chemical leak or some other type of man-made disaster? Or, are these characters actually involved in an act of sabotage or a set-up of some nature? Regardless of the motives involved, the painting evokes suspicion shrouded in mystery, taking place in a creepy atmosphere and environment.  

Pierre D. 

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