Grishenko Sketches – Variations: Part 2

CT Taylor: Wake of the Soul

“The often misunderstood construct known as the soul is not some ghostly inhabitant existing within a living person, only to later be released into the cosmos at the moment of death, the soul can only be viewed indirectly: as the sum total of our life’s experiences, the choices we’ve made, and the actions we’ve taken, for better or for worse.”

From the book of Grishenko. Du Livre de Grishenko – Sketchbook/Esquisses Variations: Part 2 / 2.ième partie. Concept artwork for the Grishenko graphic works project. Art conceptuel conçu pour l’ouvrage graphique Grishenko. All works are based on scanned original drawings and sketches, then re-worked using 2d digital filters and tools. Toutes les oeuvres ont été créées à partir de dessins et esquisses originaux, numérisés et modifiés à l’aide de filtres et outils 2d numériques.Many thanks to the folks at / Un gros remerciement aux gens chez Filterforge

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