Grishenko Sketches – Variations: Part 5

(Source: WikiPedia) “Nuclear weapons tests are experiments carried out to determine the effectiveness, yield, and explosive capability of nuclear weapons. Testing nuclear weapons offers practical information about how the weapons function, as well as how detonations are affected by different conditions; and how personnel, structures, and equipment are affected when subjected to nuclear explosions. However, nuclear testing has often been used as an indicator of scientific and military strength, and many tests have been overtly political in their intention; most nuclear weapons states publicly declared their nuclear status by means of a nuclear test.”

From the book of Grishenko. Du Livre de Grishenko – Sketchbook/Esquisses Variations: Part 5 / 5.ième partie. Concept artwork for the Grishenko graphic works project. Art conceptuel conçu pour l’ouvrage graphique Grishenko. All works are based on scanned original drawings and sketches, then re-worked using 2d digital filters and tools. Toutes les oeuvres ont été créées à partir de dessins et esquisses originaux, numérisés et modifiés à l’aide de filtres et outils 2d numériques.Many thanks to the folks at / Un gros remerciement aux gens chez Filterforge


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