Ghumbaz-Ho: Painting

Part of the Transmutation Series. The work borrows from literary and esoteric sources. From Philip K. Dick’s novel Frolix 8, with it’s alien, messianic and god-like figure Morgo Ran Vilc, to Rudolf Steiner’s esoteric work concerning the holographic projection planet reality, known as the ‘Eighth Sphere’. Ghumbaz-Ho is, in essence, a formless and shapeless energetic force (much like Morgo Ran Vilc, who is a protoplasmic being) capable of transmuting into countless shapes and states, exercising its positive will and influence on consciousness.

Excerpt from wikipedia (which is an antithesis of the Ghumbaz-Ho/Morgo state):

“Eighth sphere is a planet associated with our planetary chain that is more materialistic than the earth. The Soul in the mean of the fifth round “can be sent to the eighth sphere for annihilation if it has developed a positive attraction to materialism and a repulsion of spirituality.”

Enjoy. Pierre


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