Memory Bulb – Hommage to Finch: Variations Part 4

Memory Bulb – Hommage to Finch: Variations Part 4

Variations on a theme (part 4), but this time with an incidental drawing inspired by a painting from my Transmutation series: Memory Bulb – Hommage to Finch (triptych). ‘Finch’ is a fantastic/noir style novel written by one of my favorites, the American fantasy/weird author Jeff Vandermeer. I can’t do the novel and its author any justice by trying to describe the gist of the novel here, but please find a competent one here:

As is customary with all my variations series, I scan or photo-capture the original drawing, then re-work the scanned image in a variety of 2d filters and tools. The results always amaze me with their very different looks and feels. The idea behind these experiments, is always geared to trying to find a look, design and feel in the resulting images, that I can use in some way, as inspiration,  in other works, whether traditional 2d or digital. 

Enjoy! Pierre

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