It was in the early days of the world wide interweb, when dial-up modems ruled and innocent creative minds started forging ahead into the naive and undiscovered digi-mon country (call it the wild wild West days of the internet and digital media). The following quirky sound experiments (e.g. sound vignettes) were concocted back in 1997-98, using primitive audio editing SW and an array of found and originally created sound samples. The main crux behind the project was to create short sound impressions that would reflect the anxiety, confusion and ‘fear’ surrounding the impending Y2K phenomenon/’disaster’ (i.e. ‘millenarianism’), and by extension the advent of a new age of techno-triumphalism (e.g. the age of the internet & the digital revolution; its brave new world promises and resulting junk culture ‘revolution’). As an underlying theme or sub-text in these compositions, one can find parodies of new-age/edge reality themes: namely, the UFO phenomenon, conspiracies, new-age religions and edge reality culture, just to name a few. I invite you to sample these juicy little sound tidbits.

Pierre Duranleau – Montreal, 2015





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