Project Atlas c1990

A series of conceptual drawings that were part of a proposal I submitted for the ‘Project Atlas’ international competition back in 1990.  The aim of the competition was to gather design and conceptual proposals for an exhibition exploring the intention and possibilities of  converting disused or decommissioned nuclear missile silo structures and installations in different parts of the United States into alternative post-cold-war uses with new vocations. Although my proposal was not retained for the juried exhibition of the same name, and considering the fact that I was up against the likes of Vito Acconci and friends, who were selected for the show, I thoroughly enjoyed producing work for the proposal and  gained much experience in the process. Young artists should never be discouraged or intimidated in any way in participating in high level competitions involving art-stars. Just do it. Positive things will come out of the experience.

PD Cafargo

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