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Joonga: graphic variations

More graphic experiments using 2d filters with the intention of finding the right ‘look” and ‘feel’. This time, using a rendered frame from a resurrected 3d scene I created back in the 2000s. The scene depicts a figure inspired by Iain M. Banks’ Culture series novels; leaning more toward the concept of the gel-field suit ‘worn’ and manipulated by the character Genar Hofoen from the […]

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Old Cafargo 3D Stuff

Here’s some old Cafargo 3D material. These ancient clip tidbits were more like sketches and ideas for animations that never saw the light of day. But, I learned much in the process and had some fun too. 3D modeling and animating is a ton of work for one person to handle; don’t kid yourselves. Hence the reason why hundreds upon hundreds of digi-artisans and craftspeople […]

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