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Probe – variations: part 1

Probe – variations (part 1). From the Prototypes/Sculpturus Maximus series. These 3d works, in essence, are conceptual studies and blueprints for future site-specific and/or installation pieces/projects. Though, as graphics works, they hold up on their […]


A Question of Re-entry – variations: part 3

This is part 3 of a series of sketches and studies for a future body of (larger format) graphic works, dealing with space exploration and history (especially from the early period of the 60s and […]


The Apparation of Grishenko

Pierre Duranleau: ‘The Grishenko Apparition’, c1999 One of three allegorical panels from the Anthropo-Technikon series, this painting combines pseudo-religious and post-industrial age mythological themes. The title itself suggests religious connotations reminiscent of subjects taken from early Western art. […]


about Thermo-Medolox

Thermo = Relating to kinetic energy/heat Medolox = Fictitious corporate identity The theme title for this series of works was borrowed from the title of one of my large paintings shown in the exhibition of […]